A Breakthrough of global premier high end Clean Room Manufacturer in Thailand of gloves & consumables for high tech & pharmaceutical fields.


Barommakru trading co.,ltd., wholesale was established in 2001, specializes in manufacturing high quality medical examination gloves to supply for both local and export market. We are a modern trade department store, large wholeseller medical device and we are proud to be one of leading gloves manufacture of thailand and the world. At the present , our main products are nitrile examination powder free, latax examination powder and powder free gloves. besides that we are producing sterile latex surgical gloves for local market and for oversea market in the future. Annually barommakru trading co.,ltd., delivers gloves to domestic as well as oversea market. our main markets are:asia , europe , america , africa , and latin america and other countries.


Since 1988, we have specialized in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of protective infection control solutions.

At Cranberry , we stress utmost importance on providing products of superior quality.
Therefore, we constantly strive to develop products with the highest protection, comfort, and strength . After thriving in this industry for so many years , we truly understand your needs and demands as a professional. Be assured that our dynamic team is always moving forward, researching, and seeking to provide you with only the best.

We have established successful partnerships in many countries. Even so, we are excited to expand our networks and distribution further so that Cranberry gloves are
made available in every country.

As a professional, you are passionate about the health and comfort of your clients. At Cranberry, we are passionate about yours.